Introductory Note

Getting Personal

From when I was just a little person, art was my refuge for freedom and expression. The endless possibilities in creating your own imaginary and fascinating worlds which defied the existing social, political, cultural… rules, gave me the sense of freedom that was missing from my everyday life. Unfortunately, adulthood brought along efforts from my side for social compatibility. Efforts that drifted me apart from this colorful world. However, as in all cases of oppression, as in this case, I was bound to choose between two possibilities. I should either put my passion in the closet or I should stand up for it and fight. 

So in fall of 2015, the creation of Aphrodite HGW (the Hellenic Goddess of the World) began. Through Aphrodite’s journey I was able to get to know and love myself more and I learnt that I have no obligation to follow any heteronormative, phalocrartic, religious norm of the society that we live in. Aphrodite opened new paths and armed me with courage, power and willfulness to continue this wonderful journey.

Thereafter, it was only natural for me to want to give back in a community which supported me in this journey. To be able to help and support any individual who has something to say, by giving them anything I can possibly have to offer.

With great joy I can say that the “house” which I created with such joy and love for so long, finally comes to its true form. A fascinating journey is about to begin and I can’t wait to see what it is going to offer.

With unlimited joy,
(founder of HGW std.)

Objectives and Means of Action


  • Support artists (of any gender and age, either living in Greece or abroad, either they have a residency permit or of any residence status) to whom the organisation may concern.
  • Provide any form of help relevant to the purpose of the company (exhibition space, materials, tools etc.).
  • The empowerment and education of artists as well as people who want to get involved with art.
  • Support the conduction of research, writings, books etc., related to the objectives of the organisation.
  • The organisation and conduct of educational programs, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • The promotion and support of Greek and international public dialogue on issues related to the subject matter of the organisation.
  • Testimony (or complaint) in Greek and international organisations as well as before any authority, in Greek and global public sphere on issues and problems related to the purpose of our organisation.
  • Promotion of solidarity and volunteering for the development and implementation of the organisation’s programs.
  • Cooperation with universities (Greek or foreign), organisations (governmental and non-governmental), local governmental bodies, regions, associations and in general public or legal entities, both in Greece and internationally.
  • Integration into networks or associations (Greek or foreign) serving the same or similar purposes.
  • Support and cooperation with artists who deal with broader issues of political art (like, for example, feminist art) even if they are not directly related to queer art.

Means of Action


  • The creation of properly equipped galleries for hosting and displaying artist’s works.
  • Organising and conducting events, lectures, conferences, educational seminars, studies, analyzes etc. to promote the work of the artists of the organisation.
  • Cooperation with other public or private entities, foundations, local governments, state and transnational bodies, businesses, organisations, educational institutions etc.
  • Participation in federations, unions and other associations that are relevant to the purposes of the organisation.
  • The promotion through the media, social media, publications etc.


1. Support

We provide our gallery for free to artists who want to showcase their work

2. Empowerment

Conduct and coordination of meetings, seminars and workshops in order for artists to be further informed and trained on topics concerning their art

3. Research

Support the conduction and issuing of research papers and other writings on topics concerning queer theory and arts