Can the victim become a predator?

Can the wound become a weapon?

Can despair become madness?

A dark monologue which deals with issues of power and power enforcement. Issues which, based on heartbreak, are gradually acquiring a wider social context. What is gender, what love, what power and how can redemption be achieved?

A monologue-based performance of “Miss Margarida's Way” by Roberto Athayde, which combines the drag performance with the art of drama.


From Wednesday the 20th of February 2019 @ Faust Bar Theatre

:  Efi Sismanidou

Performer: Aphrodite HGW

Stage design / Costumes: Ilias

Photographs: Giannis Boziaris

Light design: Thodoris Margaritis

Hair design + backstage/onstage assistance:
Idomeneas Michalodimitrakis

Make-up: Cathy Jones

Make-up assistant: Lexi Rose

Production: HGW std. Supporting queer arts

We would like also to thank Spiti Yoga  and George Androulakis for their support, as well as Photoharrie, Vasiliki Rorri and Thomas Niandoka.