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HGW std. Mavromichali 138, Athens, Greece



Ilias HGW explores the feeling of losing a father in a personal and simultaneously experiential way.
The central axes that it examines concern the concept of continuity through the concept of sustainability.
Continuity relates to the survival of our personal identity through time, as well as the preservation of the memory of our existence.
For this to happen, the transformation and evolution of emotions is necessary.

The transformation of emotions, like a transition from one psychological state to another, is often done through forgiveness. This concerns the possibility of two subjects, after a rupture, to co-exist either in a physical or an imaginary space.
Accordingly, the English word "forgiveness" describes release from the feelings that cause the break.
The title of the performance For (Give), returns attention to the etymology of the word, and expands it by evolving forgiveness into an offer.

Along with the performance, the artist creates an installation with objects that either belonged to his father, or has been related to him.
The audience can take any of them they want when leaving the venue. Through this movement that centers on the sustainability and recycling of objects, their intangible history continues.
At the same time, memory mutates from personal to collective, and seals its survival in time.

Curation: Socrates N. Stamatatos
Visual Design: Stella Zafeiriou

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