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HGW std.
Mavromichali 138, Athens, Greece



The exhibition Here/Queer, serves as the grand opening of HGW STD.
Six queer artists, explore the contemporary queer identity and experience, through their artistic practice.

Nowadays, every human being that deviates from the norm dictated by heteronormativity, patriarchy, capitalism and classism, is automatically considered dissonant and queer.
This also proves the inclusivity of the term queer, and how it is able to represent a variety of different identities: LGBTQI+ people, femininities, disabled people, refugees and marginalized groups in general.

In order to achieve the ideological and experiential exchange between the artists and the audience, HGW STD. is collaborating with the international online radio station
This collaboration reinforces a discourse for transdisciplinary, cross-cultural and political discussions that both HGW STD. and seek to mediate.

Curation: Socrates N. Stamatatos
Light and visual design: Stella Zafeiriou
Art mediation: Nellie Evangelidou

Participating artists: Aphrodite HGW, Ingrid Hideki, Evá Papadakis, Socrates X Sifudindan, Melina Xenakis

04/11 Dj set by: Philip Paul

- provided by the artists
- Dimitris Kalabokis
- Anna Kalozoumi

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