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To collaborate is to coexist


HGW std., Mavromichali 138, Athens, Greece



In the workshop "To collaborate is to... co-exist",
we will try to understand the need for collaboration in the contemporary arts, the importance of having a collective creation, as well as the impact that collaborative art has.
Through the safe space provided by HGW STD., we will attempt to experiment with different materials and approaches.
At the same time, we will experientially deal with the following questions: What does it mean for someone* to create collectively?
What is the most effective way to manage a group art project?
How is trust created in such a context?
How can we incorporate collaboration into our artistic practice?
The aim of the workshop is to mobilize new* creators* to exchange ideas, techniques, thus enriching their artistic horizons.
The workshop is aimed at creators* from the age of 18+, regardless of the artistic media they use.

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